30 October 2012

32 Week Pregnancy Update| Bump ...

How far?
32 weeks!!  ( + 1 day )

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps fine, just hard to turn over... the dream genii is my best friend! 

Lots as usual, lots of hick ups this week she alwaysss gets them on a night about 11 o'clock but has started getting them the odd time through the day too.

Nothing really...

Heartburn, back ache mainly when i sit up.Ive been dizzy a few times this week :( i woke up a few days ago and felt like i was spinning and when i opened my eyes the room way spinning so i made myself go back to sleep to see if it would go, it happened again when i woke up but then hasn't happened like that again.

Looking forward too?
Taking the boys trick or treating tomorrow :) they are so excited! Every year me and my sisters take all the little cousins around together so its really exciting for them as they get to dress up, get sweets and play with all there cousins :) 

This week...
This week i went a bit crazy in the Next sales again, they are so good! i love next clothes for a baby the sale is perfect as they don't last long as they grow so quick but while the sale is on its the same price as buying from a cheaper shop. You have to get on there early thought as new things are added everyday but sell out soooo fast!   
This week is really nice because we are all at home together Jason is off work for his 18 off and Jake's off school :) its not often were all together for this long now Jake's at school. 


  1. aw, so excited for you1 I really do look forward to reading your weekly posts.. I dont know what Ill do without them!lol
    think I may have to invest in a genii pillow.. maybe see what santa brings me..lol
    Next say, oh my! I finally caught on to your way of thinking and after a fair amount of 'full price' buying, I decided to think a few months ahead (3-6) and try the sale and I've got some right goodies!lol :)


    1. aww thank you :) yesss i love mine i think asda do one thats a bit cheaper too.
      haha its so good because thet dont last 2 mins in small sizes but the sale is same price if you wanted to just get all cheap things asda sleepsuits etc are same price as in there and ive got loads of cheaper better quality dresses than they even do in primark so its perfect. :) I got lots of 3-6 too might aswell when its £3 a dress lol xx

  2. I use a Long Pillow to help me sleep on my side since I am 19 weeks! Is the Genii Pillow work really good? I find out Gender this Thursday I hope for a girl :)

    1. I prefer it to using a normal pillow as it gives more support especially round your belly and back :) ohh thats gone fast :) eekk so exciting i cant wait to hear what your having :) xx

  3. im so excited for you :) one week for me to go woooooo!!



    1. :) im cant wait to see a tweet when babys on the way! soooo excited :) xx


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