22 October 2012

31 Week Pregnancy Update| Bump ...

How far?
31weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep hasn't been to bad once im asleep lol its just getting comfy which isnt nice.The dream genii pillow is my best friend right now!... turning out is hard!

 Lots of movement still. You can see her elbows/legs pushing out and moving over my belly now. I remember this so well from When i was pregnant with Jake :). Still not really felt her trying to get under my ribs though.

Nothing really...

Still the same...Back ache and feels like my muscles are ripping if i sneeze or try turning over/sit up. I think shes started to like laying on a nerve on my right size as its been getting quite painful but then when she moves its goes off so im guessing thats what it is. Ive had lots of heartburn too. 

Looking forward too?
Finishing getting the things we need. Over the next few weeks we need to pick up the iso fix and order the pushchair which i think is the only big stuff we still need to get but im thinking of maybe getting a new bouncer and swing. We still have the swing that the boys used in the loft but im not sure if the swing/music park broke or just needs new battery's so we need to get that down and test it soon. 

This week...
Ive been quite uncomfortable this week, everything seems so much harder to do and i get tired so fast! I think my iron levels must been slowly going back up thought as i don't feel so tired i cant move like i did! Ive been so addicted to the next sale its crazy.. new things go on everyday so i keep seeing new things i like but im banning myself from ordering anymore! I just want to get sleepsuits now mainly then many some tops and leggings. I think im going to start putting a list together for my hospital bag soon so that its all ready,I don't know why but i have had a feeling all week shes going to come early. 


  1. I'm a new follower and I am totally in love with your blog, think I am going to be adding to my blogroll :)

    Congratulations, I bet you are so happy and excited for your little baby girl coming - not long to go now. Such gorgeous photos you've taken too :) love seeing the progress.

  2. I think I'm more excited about your weekly posts and pregnancy than my own. haha
    I think you must have bought everything from the Next sale, as I popped on last week and couldn't find much.. :)

    1. haha i do it online! thry put new things on everyday but you have to get on early or the best is gone haha xx

  3. aw, due on my birthday,

    Good luck, x


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