17 October 2012

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Bump

How far?
30weeks!! OMG  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep hasnt been to bad its just turning over which seems impossible now haha

Great, lots of movement still. Lots of arms and legs flying about all the time. 

and Fish and chips but i haven't had any!

Still the same...Back ache and feels like my muscles are ripping if i sneeze or try turning over/sit up and heart burn but that hasn't been too bad.Ive been feeling worn out this week alot too, i had to spend the day in bed last week because my body just felt so tired even though everything else felt fine .. if you know what i mean. I think im just over doing it a bit and need to slow down, im constantly doing things from the minute i wake up especially with taking Jake to school everyday which is at the top of a hill.

Looking forward too?
Picking a name haha I have one i think its going to be but Jason isn't 100% but ive been thinking it so long now it wouldn't feel right her been called anything else :/

This week...
I seem to have bought alot of things this week and now im feeling bad that i cant stop haha. I'm addicted to NEXT,especially there sale i need a block putting on my laptop so i cant get on!! Me and Jason went to Leeds crown point on Friday and got quite a few little bits mothercare had a fab sale on somethings so even though we wont need them for a while it was worth getting and putting them away for a few month. I put the curtains up too this week, Jason just needs to do the blind because it needs a bit cutting off to fit the window.
I went out for a meal on Saturday with some friends which was really nice, i don't think id seen them since we found out! But luckily my friend has just moved around the corner so im sure il see her alot more now :). 
 I just had a text from my midwife asking me to go pick up some iron tablets asap as my iron levels are low. Guessing this is why ive been feeling so worn out but thing is i had these tests done 2 week ago now and felt fine at the time its since then ive been feeling worn out so i hope it hasn't got really low. Ive been taking the pregnancy vitamins everyday too!

Im really wanting to get one of the belly bandits for after shes born ... has anyone had one? What did you think?


  1. You're looking blooming lovely! :)
    I'm starting to want more healthier foods now, which is good.. smoothies sound yummy!
    Ooo Next sale! I've been really good last few weeks.. waiting for 2nd scan next week, then I'll be hitting the clothes shops for some cute outfits. :)
    Very excited for you. :)

  2. Thank you for tweeting me your blog link earlier-I'm following you now and glad to have found your blog! Firstly, congratulations!! How exciting having a Christmas baby girl!! :) Secondly, you look amazing :)



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