8 October 2012

29 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump ....

How far?
29 weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep has been ok this week  its hard to turn over, feels like im ripping muscles in the bottom of my stomach! 

Great, lots of movement still. Lots of arms and legs flying about all the time. Makes me jump sometimes now when i have my hand on my belly and she moves her foot or elbow and it slides across my hand.

Nope no cravings this week, would love a toffee apple though ;)

Back ache and feels like my muscles are ripping if i sneeze or try turning over/sit up and heart burn.

Looking forward too?
Finishing her room :) I got the bedding and curtains this week, I just need a pink curtain pole and blackout blind then i think its done woooo!!

Now im trying to work out how many sleepsuits / outfits i need in newborn because i don't want to buy too many incase she is big and they don't fit or don't fit for long. I remember with the boys the newborn size didn't last long at all and the clothes looked band new still when they had grown out of them so i don't want to get too many but i want to have enough. I think im mainly going to get sleepsuits in newborn/first size and get the cute outfits in 0-3 so they last a little longer obviously im going to get some but just not too many. Ive been anxious for her to be here more this week ... im loving been pregnant and don't want it to end but i want to know shes here and safe!Im starting to feel like im putting weight on this week alot too... not by belly hahah ive noticed that for quite a while now haha but my face etc i weighed myself and so far ive put on around a stone or just under.. i don't want to put more on but i can see that going up quickly in these last 11 weeks ugh! I really want a 4d scan and to be able to take the boys because they would love it sooo much, just annoying that its getting close to Christmas so we need to start saving to get everyone's presents! Every time Jake sees a baby he says how much he wants baby sister to come right now and doesn't want to wait till Christmas, he so cute.


  1. I think your blog has just became my new favourite! I love reading about pregnancy, wish I had set up a blog about mine :/ congratulations though, your bump is so neat an tidy, obviously pregnancy suits you xxx

  2. Ee not much longer to go!! I hate that ripping feeling of your stomach! i have had it for weeks! x

  3. Ah your bump is so lovely! X

  4. Seeing your bump makes me miss mine :( Not long to go now eeekk exciting


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