1 October 2012

28 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump...

How far?
28 weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep has been perfect again this week :) enjoying a good nights sleep while i can!!

Great, lots of movement still. I think she turns round alot because sometimes it feels like shes head down then other times it feels like she laying across. 

Nope no cravings this week again but i do eat bananas on toast alot!.

Not sure ive had anything this week apart from a bit of back ache.

Looking forward too?

Getting her clothes :) ive been picking up bits but im hoping to go this week and get vests, sleepsuits and some clothes....if you have a newborn id love to know how many vests/sleepsuits you would recommend getting, i cant remember how many i needed with the boys. 
Also hoping to get curtains and bedding.

I had my midwife appointment this morning, were normally waiting about ages because they always been to be running late but today we got in straight away which was good because Jason had been on nights so hadn't had any sleep and didn't really want to be sat waiting about. I had some bloods taken and then the midwife gave me the flu injection which i wasn't sure about but she said it wouldn't give me the flu and it wouldn't effect baby so i ended up having it.I keep wanting to google about it to make sure its ok but i know that's the worst thing ever to do and il be even more worried but im sure she wouldn't have don't it if there were risks. Then she felt how she was laying and listened to the heart beat which is always nice :). My next appointment was booked in for 12 November which will make we 34 weeks although i think that's Jason's first day back at work so i might need to change it.
My stretch marks seem to be getting worse now no matter how much cream/oil i put on :( ive noticed a few new ones above my belly button, id never had them in that area before. My belly button is also still popped ugh. Another thing ive noticed is my rings seem really loose... arnt my fingers suppose to swell lol i keep thinking im going to lose them!


  1. aww i love these posts hun :) your bumps gotten so big now! i imagine shopping for her clothes is the funnest thing ever, teeny tiny girly clothes look so sweet!! xx

    1. ah thank you :) i know its crazy how fast its growing ekk scary haha. I loveeeee been able to pick out cute little pink things girls clothes are so much cuter than boys lol xx

  2. Oh what a cute bump! How exciting that you are due on Christmas eve :)


  3. All I want to say is awww.lol
    I'd love to help on your sleepsuit question, but I;m struggling too.. I dont want to buy to many in one size and be left with loads as they grow.. Same with nappies.. :/
    Can't wait to see the outfits you've been picking up.. 2 weeks and 5 days till I can join you on outfit shopping! :)
    I've been using the bio-oil for stretch marks but was told, be it an old wifes tale, that it doesnt matter how much oil cream you use, you have your mam to thank for stretch marks and or any.. :/

    1. Its so fustrating lol i want everything to be ready but if i buy too many its such a waste i know both boys grew out of first size so fast the clothes still looked brand new!
      ahhh i really cant wait for you to find out, so excitingggg :D
      I do think if your going to get them its going to happen if you used oil or not...ive just it all the way through and still got them but my mum, sister and nana never got any :( sucks! xx


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