30 October 2012

32 Week Pregnancy Update| Bump ...

How far?
32 weeks!!  ( + 1 day )

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps fine, just hard to turn over... the dream genii is my best friend! 

Lots as usual, lots of hick ups this week she alwaysss gets them on a night about 11 o'clock but has started getting them the odd time through the day too.

Nothing really...

Heartburn, back ache mainly when i sit up.Ive been dizzy a few times this week :( i woke up a few days ago and felt like i was spinning and when i opened my eyes the room way spinning so i made myself go back to sleep to see if it would go, it happened again when i woke up but then hasn't happened like that again.

Looking forward too?
Taking the boys trick or treating tomorrow :) they are so excited! Every year me and my sisters take all the little cousins around together so its really exciting for them as they get to dress up, get sweets and play with all there cousins :) 

This week...
This week i went a bit crazy in the Next sales again, they are so good! i love next clothes for a baby the sale is perfect as they don't last long as they grow so quick but while the sale is on its the same price as buying from a cheaper shop. You have to get on there early thought as new things are added everyday but sell out soooo fast!   
This week is really nice because we are all at home together Jason is off work for his 18 off and Jake's off school :) its not often were all together for this long now Jake's at school. 

27 October 2012

I Heart Fall Tag....

I haven't done any tag posts for a while so i thought id give this one ago. I love reading tags as they are all personalised. If you have done this tag leave me the link in the comments so i can have a read :) .

1. Favourite Fall lip product?
I have started to really love plummy lip colours recently i think they look so pretty but i don't own any myself . im not sure if i could pull it off but i definitely think im going to give it a try. So as my favourite il put the colour ive been wearing nearly everyday which i MAC Angel. I love it and it has definitely been my favourite this fall.

2. Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
Barry M Raspberry! I love it, perfect for this time of year. Il probably have this on untill next summer ...

3. Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink?
Ive never tried one of there 'Fall' drinks i usually go for the 'Cream base java chip'  but i reallyyy want to the gingerbread one this year!

4. Favourite Fall Candle?

Spiced apple and cinnamon. Ive gone through so many of these already these last few month its make the house smell so Christmassy.

5. Favourite Fall Scarf or accessory.
My H&M scarf is my all time fave which i wear all the time but i recently got a woolly burgundy one from primark which im loving ... burgundy seems to be my favourite colour at the minute.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Ive never done any of these but i would love to do all three! 

7. Favourite Halloween movie?
Hocus pocus! has to be everyones fave Halloween film? Ive watched this every year for as long as i can remember. I watched it a few days ago with my little boys and they loved it! especially that the cat could talk haha.

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
Erm i cant think of any actually 'halloween candy that reminds me of halloween but i love toffee apples this time of year!

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!

Im not dressing up this year as i wont be going out but last time i went to a Halloween party i was i zombie cheerleader and wore zombie contacts which looked scary! I i can find a picture il add to at the end...

10. What is your Favourite thing about Fall?
All the exciting holidays, everything seems to happen at this time of the year... Halloween, Bonfire night, getting ready for CHRISTMAS! Everything about Fall seems so cosy , been able to smuggle up with blankets watching films with a hot chocolate and fairy lights on and the smell of spiced apple and cinnamon  - the best!

24 October 2012

Makebelieve | Self Tan Lotion | Medium 3 & Golden 4

Makebelieve | £24.50

Im not going to lie, when i first opened  this tan and saw it had no colour to it, i was scared! I first got the Medium tan in Zone 3 which you can see from the picture just looks like a normal moisturiser, not something im used to when it comes to fake tans.Even thought im very much a fake tan addict and always have tan on ive always gone for ones that you can see a guide line of where you have already applied. So i was abit worried the first time i used this that i was going to come out a total streaky mess! 
I always use a mitt to apply my fake tan so as i started to apply this, been very careful that i got everywhere i  found the smell of this tan so nice. Definitely gets an award for the best smelling tan! My skin also felt every moisturised instead of dried out which alot of fake tans do. I woke up the next morning (i always applied at night from being used to ones with a guide shade) and.... There was no streakyness. the colour was nice and not orangey, my only problem was it wasn't dark enough for me i did really feel like i had any tan on at all. I did keep using it to build up the tan and i love the tan itself but i just needed something darker.I think this zone would be better suited for someone that had really light skin or someone that just wants a slight hint of colour.

As i really loved everything else about the tan i got Zone 4 to try out. Surprisingly This zone does have a hint of colour.. i had started to like the fact the Zone 3 didn't have a colour guide as i could apply and go straight out if i needed before the tan had developed and didn't have to wait around to shower like you do with other tans that make you look like your covered in mud lol. The colour to Zone 4 is very slight once on the skin though, you can see where you have applied but its not so dark you couldn't nip to the shops. It just looked like you instantly have a tan , perfect! :) Especially if you want to top up your tan before a night out! I found the colour once developed on zone for much better for me then 3. I feel like i have a nice natural colour. I would definitely love to try out zone 5 which is the last one up i think that would look great! 

Overall i would highly recommend this tan, Lovely smell, i never got any streaking and i love how it last so long and fades so evenly! With other tans i have tryed one been st moritz i noticed that it comes of very very patchy and looks awful with this it just sort of disappears slowly you don't even notice it. It just always looks even.

makebelieve develops within 2-4 hours and will wear of naturaly over a week.


23 October 2012

October GlossyBox...

I always look forward to receiving a Glossybox each month and been surprised by what products are inside. When i first opened this months box i thought it looked great i love skincare products and i thought the Clean start set was a great products to get and quite big ...the box was heavy! I have seen other boxes since that i would have loved to try especially the BB cream as ive never tryed a bb cream before but im still happy with this box.Im really looking forward to trying out the Clean start set which has a foaming wash, spf moisturiser and a spray toner.The body scrub has come at a great time as im totally out of scrubs so il definitely be giving this ago, i love the packaging its quite aggressive and not what you would expect. Next the Anti-blemish Skinetica, this is something im very happy to have in my box, although i don't get spots often it will be nice to have when one does decide to pop up.I didn't really think much of the Origins one that has been getting a lot of hype recently so il definitely let you know what i think of this one. Finally the Yves Rocher lipstick, the colour isnt one i would really wear on an eveyday basis even though it is a pretty red...i will probably get some use out of it on nights out. The formula is great its very creamy and super glossy.I really want to check out some more shades as i think the formula is perfect! All in all i like this box... i would have love to try the bb cream but i will get use out of these products which is what matters!

GlossyBox are also donating 10p from every box to Breast cancer this month with i think is amazing.

Anatomicals -Dont just clean it woman scrub it.
A pink grapefruit body scrub that buffs with a bruvura sense of charm and wit.
£3.49 | 200ml

Dermalogica  - 3 step day and night kit.
Cleanse, tone and moisturise.
£12 per kit.

Skinetica-Anti- Blemish.
Shows results in 2-3 days, kind to skin with no side effects.
£6.99 100ml

Yves Rocher - Moisturising cream lipstick | Couleurs Nature.
Perfect coverage, smooth, supple luminous film covering of the lips.

22 October 2012

31 Week Pregnancy Update| Bump ...

How far?
31weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep hasn't been to bad once im asleep lol its just getting comfy which isnt nice.The dream genii pillow is my best friend right now!... turning out is hard!

 Lots of movement still. You can see her elbows/legs pushing out and moving over my belly now. I remember this so well from When i was pregnant with Jake :). Still not really felt her trying to get under my ribs though.

Nothing really...

Still the same...Back ache and feels like my muscles are ripping if i sneeze or try turning over/sit up. I think shes started to like laying on a nerve on my right size as its been getting quite painful but then when she moves its goes off so im guessing thats what it is. Ive had lots of heartburn too. 

Looking forward too?
Finishing getting the things we need. Over the next few weeks we need to pick up the iso fix and order the pushchair which i think is the only big stuff we still need to get but im thinking of maybe getting a new bouncer and swing. We still have the swing that the boys used in the loft but im not sure if the swing/music park broke or just needs new battery's so we need to get that down and test it soon. 

This week...
Ive been quite uncomfortable this week, everything seems so much harder to do and i get tired so fast! I think my iron levels must been slowly going back up thought as i don't feel so tired i cant move like i did! Ive been so addicted to the next sale its crazy.. new things go on everyday so i keep seeing new things i like but im banning myself from ordering anymore! I just want to get sleepsuits now mainly then many some tops and leggings. I think im going to start putting a list together for my hospital bag soon so that its all ready,I don't know why but i have had a feeling all week shes going to come early. 

17 October 2012

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Bump

How far?
30weeks!! OMG  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep hasnt been to bad its just turning over which seems impossible now haha

Great, lots of movement still. Lots of arms and legs flying about all the time. 

and Fish and chips but i haven't had any!

Still the same...Back ache and feels like my muscles are ripping if i sneeze or try turning over/sit up and heart burn but that hasn't been too bad.Ive been feeling worn out this week alot too, i had to spend the day in bed last week because my body just felt so tired even though everything else felt fine .. if you know what i mean. I think im just over doing it a bit and need to slow down, im constantly doing things from the minute i wake up especially with taking Jake to school everyday which is at the top of a hill.

Looking forward too?
Picking a name haha I have one i think its going to be but Jason isn't 100% but ive been thinking it so long now it wouldn't feel right her been called anything else :/

This week...
I seem to have bought alot of things this week and now im feeling bad that i cant stop haha. I'm addicted to NEXT,especially there sale i need a block putting on my laptop so i cant get on!! Me and Jason went to Leeds crown point on Friday and got quite a few little bits mothercare had a fab sale on somethings so even though we wont need them for a while it was worth getting and putting them away for a few month. I put the curtains up too this week, Jason just needs to do the blind because it needs a bit cutting off to fit the window.
I went out for a meal on Saturday with some friends which was really nice, i don't think id seen them since we found out! But luckily my friend has just moved around the corner so im sure il see her alot more now :). 
 I just had a text from my midwife asking me to go pick up some iron tablets asap as my iron levels are low. Guessing this is why ive been feeling so worn out but thing is i had these tests done 2 week ago now and felt fine at the time its since then ive been feeling worn out so i hope it hasn't got really low. Ive been taking the pregnancy vitamins everyday too!

Im really wanting to get one of the belly bandits for after shes born ... has anyone had one? What did you think?

13 October 2012

Avon | A/W Femme Fatale ..

Femme Fatale | £8.50

Avon brought out there Autumn / Winter Femme Fatale range in August. The collection has two eyeshadow quads | Femme Fatale and Attraction, three lipsticks| Plum seduction, show some skin and red revel and finally two nail polishes | Midnight green and Red bombshell. The quad i have is the Femme Fatale which includes a white, gold , purple and a gorgeous blacky greeny blue.Two being matte (White/Purple) and two have a shimmer (Gold/Black) The shadows have great pigmentation, i think the shimmer ones are more pigmented than the matte ones... the white doesn't seem to be as pigmented as the others as you can see from the picture. I love the gold and the dark shade so much and have been using them the most so far especially the black its so pretty its kind of a black with a hint of green but have a blue/green shimmer it looks so nice on. Ive been using it everyday over my eyeliner,which stays on all day. I also love that on the back of the quads its shows you how to use all the colours together to make a look.You will probably see this quad pop up in my next favourites post and its definitely my favourite daily palette right now.the pictures really dont show how pretty the dark colour is :( which is such a shame, i will deffinitly try getting a truer picture to put up.

11 October 2012

Avon | Strictly Come Dancing..

 Stricky Come Dancing | £12.99 50ml

So, how happy is everyone Strictly Come dancing is back?!
 Avon have joined up with Strictly Come Dancing to create two new scents, Avon Latin Seduction and Avon  Ballroom Beauty.

Latin Seduction is a feisty and seductive scent with warming note of sandalwood and cardamom.It bottle is a very sexy deep red the perfect colour for a Latin perfume.I have been wearing this for the last month or so and i love it so much, i think its a great for either day time or as night time scent.

Ballroom Beauty is deliciously feminine with romantic note of raspberry and rose petals. The bottle for the Ballroom Beauty is a very pretty blush pink colour.  Im definitely going to have to order this one too as i love the Latin seduction scent so much i can tell this will be really nice too.


9 October 2012

John Frieda | Sheer Blonde..

Sheer Blonde Moisturising shampoo | £ 5.59
Conditioner | £5.59
Shape and Shine balm |  £5.29

I mentioned in my last hair post that i have been using the John Frieda Sheer Blonde products and would do a post on them so... here it is ;).I have used most of the John Frieda ranges including the Go lighter, Frizz-ease , Colour renew.. all have been great and i keep going back to them. This range has an enhancing formula with jojoba oil, sunflower and white tea complex to bring out glistening highlights for maximum blonde impact. The moisturising formula amplifies shine without adding or depositing colour. As i mentioned in my last post i don't use these everyday i alternate with a different brand as i find it works best for my hair, i usually alternate with a purple shampoo to keep my hair toned.  The sheer blonde shampoo always lathers up really well which i love and it leaves my hair feeling super soft and clean and not heavy at all.
 The Shape & shine is not something i would normally pick up... im quite scared of using products on my hair other than serums.Although recently ive been liking scrunching the length of my hair instead of just having it straight but because my hair is quite long back combing the length of it (only slightly) doesn't last very long and it just drops out so i found adding a bit of the shape and shine helps it keep the more messy look for longer without giving it that awful feeling of my hair been full of wax. Also because of the little gold flex in it, it give the most gorgeous shine when the light catches it!I love the finish this gives, it makes my hair look healthier.

Which is your favourite John Frieda range?

8 October 2012

29 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump ....

How far?
29 weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep has been ok this week  its hard to turn over, feels like im ripping muscles in the bottom of my stomach! 

Great, lots of movement still. Lots of arms and legs flying about all the time. Makes me jump sometimes now when i have my hand on my belly and she moves her foot or elbow and it slides across my hand.

Nope no cravings this week, would love a toffee apple though ;)

Back ache and feels like my muscles are ripping if i sneeze or try turning over/sit up and heart burn.

Looking forward too?
Finishing her room :) I got the bedding and curtains this week, I just need a pink curtain pole and blackout blind then i think its done woooo!!

Now im trying to work out how many sleepsuits / outfits i need in newborn because i don't want to buy too many incase she is big and they don't fit or don't fit for long. I remember with the boys the newborn size didn't last long at all and the clothes looked band new still when they had grown out of them so i don't want to get too many but i want to have enough. I think im mainly going to get sleepsuits in newborn/first size and get the cute outfits in 0-3 so they last a little longer obviously im going to get some but just not too many. Ive been anxious for her to be here more this week ... im loving been pregnant and don't want it to end but i want to know shes here and safe!Im starting to feel like im putting weight on this week alot too... not by belly hahah ive noticed that for quite a while now haha but my face etc i weighed myself and so far ive put on around a stone or just under.. i don't want to put more on but i can see that going up quickly in these last 11 weeks ugh! I really want a 4d scan and to be able to take the boys because they would love it sooo much, just annoying that its getting close to Christmas so we need to start saving to get everyone's presents! Every time Jake sees a baby he says how much he wants baby sister to come right now and doesn't want to wait till Christmas, he so cute.

7 October 2012

Japonesque Safari Collection...

Safari Set | £28

I'm a big fan of Japonesque brushes from what I've tried, my favourite's so far are the Kabuki and Brow brush.The brush hairs on the Safari collection have a cute leopard/cheetah print on them which i loved as soon as i saw them.They are just so pretty, it kind of makes you not want to use them and get them dirty.They are definitely brushes that would look great on show on your dressing table!In the set is a bronzer/kabuki brush (which i don't have) and a set that includes a powder brush, shadow brush and a crease brush. The eye shadow brushes are a little bigger than im used to using on my eyes, but there great for a sweep of colour or blending.I think it's a really cute set to either buy for yourself  or prefect as a gift especially with Christmas coming up.

 Japonesque is available from HQ Hair, have you tried the brand before? 

6 October 2012

Birthday week...

This is kind of a week behind i was going to post it at the beggining of the week but ive been sooo busy and totally forgot to put it up between my other posts.
It was Jakes birthday on the 26th and mine on the 30th :).
This week ive been trying to work out what i still need to get for 'baby sister' its mainly clothes now but im not sure how many things i need in newborn and 0-3 i dont want to get alot incase shes not in them for long or even if shes not going to fit in them at all but then i dont want to not have enough.My babies seem to be big lol jake was 8lb 10 and cambell was 9lb10 and it says newborn goes up to 9lb although i can remember cambell fitting into them but not for long.
Also Thank you so much to everyone who has followed my blog i cant belive i hit1000!!!!! Amazing! so so so happy!!!

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