27 September 2012

This week..

Weeks seem to be flying by recently! 
 We went over to my sisters at the weekend while Jason was playing rugby which the boys really loved because all their cousins were that. My two older sisters both have a girl and a boy so they love getting to see them.Auntie Jessie came too of course ;). 
Cambell started going to his little pre nursery playgroup on Wednesday too it basically just to get them ready for starting in January. All the children that went will be in his new class when he starts so that's really nice that he will get to know them all first.Its once a week for 10 weeks until Christmas then they get a Christmas party at the end :) He wants to stay everyday we take Jake to school so its really nice that he gets to go and play!
I got a count down app this week so i can see how long it is until the little lady comes but i want one i can set as my back ground so if anyone know one please let me know!Also totally loving Christmas scents this week both me and Jason are loving spiced apple and cinnamon so we went a bit crazy and bought loads of smellys lol.


  1. oo i love christmas scents! im getting so excited for christmas with our little baby!! <33

  2. So do I! I actually can't wait until I can but my Christmas candles! I had two of the Yankee Jar candles last year as well as the Glade spiced apple one :)Lovely post Laura! Xx



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