28 September 2012

Republic Wishlist..

  Vero Moda Lovely Luckies Jeggings £16 | Miso Jeggings £25 | Miso Shrug Cardigan £25 | Miso Roll Edge Jumper £20 |  Glamorous Studded Denim Shirt £36.00| AX Paris Foil CrossJumper £24 | Soul Cal Deluxe Boxy FlagJumper£26.00 | Miso Snood Scarf £14.00 |Aztec Chunky Scarf £18.00 | Soul Cal Deluxe Fur Buckle Boots £35.00| Soul Cal Deluxe Western Buckle Boots £25.00 | Miso Stud Bowl Bag £30.00 

I love doing wishlist posts and don't do many of them but as its my birthday in two days i thought id put a Republic wishlist. I love republic, their clothes are always great quality and last for ages its a shop me and Jason always go to when we go shopping, He got some really nice jeans and t-shirts from there last month. Im currently really i need of some comfy winter clothes as none of my current clothes fit me anymore.... the bump is growing very fast these days! I seem to live in leggings now and have been wanting some burgundy ones as well as some jeggings as im missing jeans! Another thing i seem to be living in is shirts as i don't have to fasten them ;) just wear a white vest under them!

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