25 September 2012

Personal Planner...

Personal Planner | £25-£33

I am totally in love with my new personal planner, ive been using it for a few week and it has been helping me keep so much more organised with what i want to post about and making sure things get done.
It actually came as one of the goodies in the #Leedsbloggermeetup bag, well a voucher did and then we got to go online and create our own design which is great as everyone's is totally different and unique.It kind of reminds me of been back at school when i had my school planner haha. 

The voucher that was in the meetup bag was for a personalized planner or note book, i went with the planner as i thought it would help keep me more organised.Then you get to choose the size planner you would like.. i went for the A5 which i think is the biggest. For the front cover you can design your own by uploading a picture or choose from one of the pre made designs, you also get to choose the colour of the band that holds the planner closed.Inside There is a pouch, i keep all my little notes/press releases i want to blog about inside so i can keep them all together.( i love this ).On the intro page you can write a little note and add your email, blog URL. 
Then for the weekly planner itself you get to choose exactly how you want it to be set out in a way that will work best for you.There is so many little details to choose from and the site is so easy to use.I went for a pink theme inside mine with a pink ruler.
At the back of the planner you can choose what you want the pages filled with, i went with an overview calender, a 10 page colouring book pages of lined paper so i have somewhere to write notes.You also get to choose when you want your planner to start. As i was designing mine in August and knew it took two weeks to arrive i wanted mine to start in September so i could use it straight away.

When i originally saw the price of the planner i thought they were quite expensive but after getting mine i am so in love with it and im going to get so much use out of it i think it is totally worth it and will definitely re purchase a new one next year.

My personal planner cost £33 and is A5 size from Here.


  1. Such a cute design, I still need to post about mine!


  2. This looks amazing, i am always looking at new planners to get and stuff :) great post.

    Love Nafisah xo

    www.bamblingsofnaffy.blogspot.co.uk xo

  3. wow this is amazing and so cute!!! Its quite pricey tho! I bet your so excited to use it! xx

  4. Absolutely ADORE this!!!!


  5. I still need to order mine (oops!!) Yours is so cute! xx
    Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog xx

  6. Oh wow I love this, it's very cute! Pricy but I'm sure its worth it :) I may have to check this out for myself :) xx


  7. This so cute! I really want one :)

    Danielle xx



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