22 September 2012

New Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints...

Gelly Nail Paint | £3.99

Barry M launched the collection of Hi-Shine Nail Paints exclusively on the Barry M website on the 21st of September before being launched in Superdrug on the 26th, then in Boots on the 3rd of October.Although while out shopping today i wanted some new Barry m polishes and while the lady was searching in the draw for me 'Red Black' she showed us the new Gelly collection and i ended up picking up three. So we got them a little early from instore. I went for all the darker shade with us going in to Winter but now ive tryed them out i love the formula and finish so im going back to get a few more.

When i first heard about the Gel polishes i wasn't sure id like the formula and also that they would take a while to dry...i was wrong, these actually dry really fast and have a great glossy finish. I'm not sure on how long they last without chipping yet but ill update on that once ive worn them a while :). I think they will last up pretty well with how they go on they seem like they will be long lasting.

The shades i went for were Blue Plum (Blue), Blackberry (Purple)  and Watermelon (Teal). I'm now wanting Blueberry and Prickly Pear which are a lighter creamy blue and purple. 



  1. Blue plum is gorgeous!


  2. These colours look gorgeous for Autumn so shiny too love them xx

  3. These look so lovely for Autumn x x

  4. They look really good and at least they haven't put the price up dramatically!

    JS Beauty&Style. Mac giveaway running.


  5. Love the colours you picked up. Perfect Autumn colours esp the Blackberry one. How have I not seen these. I must have been living under a rock. They look really great quality. I will make a note to heck them out next time im in Superdrug. A girl can never have too many polishes!

  6. I'm suprised they dry quickly, I'd always assumed gel type polishes would take ages :)
    Lovely wintery colours - I especially like the green and blue
    Discovered your blog through bbloggers chat, great post! xoxo


  7. Love the teal shade, very on trend and seasonal. Will give these a go ad Barry M is very reasonable and an alright product. Great blog, looking forward to seeing more posts xxx


  8. Oooh they look lovely! Gorgeous colours for winter time x


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