12 September 2012

My Face Routine....

Amie Exfoliating wash | £4.95
Amie moisturiser | £5.95
Washi | £5.95

I change up my face routine quite often i love trying out different cleaners and moisturisers and finding the best ones for my skin. For the last year or so ive been loving oil cleaners as they get all make up off really fast, and for moisturiser ive been loving one from a recent Glossybox. Since running out of those i recently got two products from Amie to try out, which is why i thought id do an updated post :).

If you haven't heard of Amie skincare before its a line that was created by a mother for her daughter.Fiona wanted to create products gentle enough for her daughters young skin but could also deal with changes throughout puberty.
Every Amie product is bursting with an average 95% natural fruit and botanical ingredients, each one hand-picked to work in complete harmony with your skin and to bring out its natural radiance, so cleansers deep-clean without stripping and moisturisers hydrate without clogging pores with oil. Natural anti-bacterials help keep skin clear and free from blemishes. The result is beautifully clean, soft, smooth and confident skin.....There are no parbens,no mineral oils, no petrochemicals, no sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate.No ingredients of genetically modified origin.
 NO animal testing and NO animal ingredients.
All the Amie products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans .

I love knowing the background to product lines it helps you understand the products so much more. After reading up about the line and also seeing that it is very affordable and sold at local shops such as Tesco and Superdrug i couldn't wait to try it out.The two i have to start with are the Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser and Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash although after trying these i have decided i need to pick up the Cooling Clay mask next time im in town!I have mentioned before that i have sensitive skin and i haven't had any problems at all with these products.

Amie Radiant Dawn| Exfoliating Daily Wash |
I am so in love with this wash, it makes such a difference to my skin even from the first time i used it.Its the first thing i use when i wake up.The small exfoliating beads really freshen up my skin. It leaves me with the perfect base to apply my make up which goes on so much nicer when all the exfoliating beads have taken away the dry skin.It also lathers up really well which i love, really makes my skin feel perfectly clean. It is such a good luxurious product i would expect it to have a much higher price tag.
Includes Green Apple ,Lemon Extract,Blueberry Seed, Vitamin E bursting beads

Amie Skin Shield | Daily Moisturiser | SPF15
I found with this moisturiser that a little goes a long way as it is quite a thick but lightweight moisturiser, so will last a long time :). It smells so nice and fresh, leaving my skin feeling really moisturized and hydrated. Its also great for protecting your skin from the weather (UVA & UVB ) as it has Spf15.
Includes Harmonising natural extracts,Sunflower Extract, Kakadu Plum UVA, & UVB protection.

Washi| Hot cloth
The washi i got in recently in the LeedsBloggerMeetup goody bag. They came in a little set of four hot cloths, one Skin polishing towel and a pack of washi spirals.If anyone is interested in hearing more about them i will do a post on them showing the whole set :).


  1. ooooo I'm so glad i read your post. I literally just posted about how much im hating my skin atm, and my current routine isnt great. Think im going to try this out, it's pretty inexpensive too... bonus! xx

    1. i really like them the wash espeshily :) x

  2. The packaging of these products is lovely, I love that they don't test on animals or have any of the rubbish chemicals in too. These seem perfect for me thanks for reviewing them xx

    1. :) no problem :) there definitley worth a try :)x

  3. I like the sound of the cloths! Anything for great skin :) x


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