8 September 2012

It's the weekend ...

Its the weekend!!

Finally ive been looking forward to this weekend because i cant wait to see cams face in the morning when he comes down to his birthday presents :). Hes been running round the house all morning singing 'Happy birthday to meeeee' :). Not really sure what the plan are for tomorrow yet if where staying home and playing games ... and eating cake or going out for the day somewhere.We normally take the boys out for the day on there birthdays to the seaside or a farm etc.
Another reason im glad its the weekend is i don't have walk up the steep hill to take Jake to school and again to pick him up.Its definitely getting more tiring the further along i get!

What you up to this weekend?
I had to get up early to do some last minute shopping for bits for tomorrow , cake wrapping paper etc. Now Jason's got a rugby match so im going to spend the rest of the day cleaning the whole house while the boys play. We've just watched Toy Story 3 which seems to be the boys favourite movie at the minute.


  1. walking up that hill does not sound appealing x

  2. cute little munchkins!! i am rediculously broody at the moment! xx


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