6 September 2012

I haven't done this in a while....

I realised  i haven't been doing many lifestyle post recently .. apart from my pregnancy updates and i have no idea why because at the minute lifestyle/mummy posts are the ones im loving reading. I always seem to go through phases with my blog and i haven't really been including the boys in my posts as much. Unless i do a 'week in pictures' post but still them i don't really write about what we've been up to and these are my favourite posts to look back on and see how much they have grown  up! Like this post for example ... can you believe how much Jake has grown up and little cam here.

This week is obviously the start of the new school year so Jake went back to nursery on Tuesday, which he was super excited about while i am totally gutted and want him back at home with me. His class is tiny now as the older ones have moved up.Most of them were Jake's best friends so that's one thing he really wasn't happy about when he realised they wernt turning up to play. Im sure theres going to be plenty starting over the next few weeks though then again in January... When cam starts! How has time gone so fast that cam is starting school in 3 months!?
Definitely true what they say about them growing up so fast!

Its Cambells birthday on Sunday which they are really excited about because it means birthday cake and balloons. Oh and  new toys ;) .

It also means its the time of the year where i have two three year olds! .... Until Jakes fourth birthday on the 26th :)
Cambells 2nd birthday

I have really been loving reading pregnancy posts, if you have been doing pregnacy post or are planning on doing them pleaseeee leave me your link so i can go read them :) .
Is anyone due on christmas eve?
Speaking of pregancy i still have another month until i see my midwife again! With the first two pregnancies i remember it feeling like i was constantly having to leave work for appointments and they came around so fast.This time i never see her, im 25 week on monday and i have only seen my midwife twice, and the first time was only picking up the notes so really its been one check up i will of had until im 28 weeks!


  1. Aw my eldest started back to nursery this week too. He was upset he had a new teacher and classmates :(. Your boys are adorable :)
    Gem x

  2. aw this post is adorable, they are too cute. you probably already follow louise from a sprinkle of glitter, but she has lots of baby/mummy posts and shes lovely :) and bubblegarm has mummy posts too :) soooo exciting that you're due around xmas! you and ure sis look so alike btw!xx

  3. Lovely blog!
    I'm now following you, and it would be really nice of you if you wanted to follow me back! :) x


  4. such a lovely post!

    you have such a lovely blog too!

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