1 September 2012

Denman Classic styler...

Denman D3 classic styler | £7.00

Ive used Denman brushes for as long as i can remember. When i was little we had one of the porcupine brushes which make your hair so soft and shiny its crazy! i was so in love with that brush. It was the only brush my nana ever used too. Although they never have them in my boots when i go to get one :(.

The classic denman is the style i have been using for the last few years. I have the mini version i keep in my bag too :).
Its perfect for when you want a glam blow drying as it leaves your hair smooth and shine and has great grip and control.The pink pad is also anti static so its smooths away any static fly aways.
The nylon pins protect from breakage too and don't snag at your hair. If your wanting to keep your hair in better condition getting a good brush definitely makes a huge difference, i stopped using the styler when i first moved into my own house and used used any regular brush i could get my hands on then a few years ago when i got one of there scented stylers i couldn't believe the difference in  my hair just from changing my brush!!
Its a perfect all rounder and is the most famous styling brush in the world!

TIP: For a smooth finish, use the nozzle attachment to direct the airflow downwards, drying your hair one section at a time while smoothing down with the brush.


  1. I need to invest in a good brush so defo interested to get this one now after reading your review. I always see it in Boots but I think £7 a bit much no? But I guess it will be worth it =)


    1. it seems alot for a brush but i think its def worth it, plus it lasts years and years :) xx

  2. I love those brushes, especially because the bristles bend! It's horrible when bristles are totally poker straight and scratch your head haha!


  3. I can't use brushes like this with my hair :). Thanks for sending me your link. I'm following now with bloglovin. :)
    I hope you'll visit my blog too and let me know what you think!
    Have a nice evening :)


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