7 September 2012

Current hair products...

John Frieda sheer blonde moisturising| Shampoo £5.59|Conditioner £5.25
Clynol Shampoo £8.80|Conditioner £9.90
Indola Oil | £10.95 (Amazon)
Paul Mitchell £18.75(Amazon, Full size)

Ive been really loving all the hair products im using at the minute so i thought i do a post on it :).
I recently did i full post talking about the Clynol shampoo/Conditioner and will do a full one one the sheer blonde but for now i thought i show you all the products i use together.
I always have two sets of shampoo and conditioner on the go, a normal one and one that helps toning. The toning combos i usually have in my shower are the Lee Stafford bleach blondes, John Frieda Sheer blonde colour renewal and GO Blonder or my current one which is John Frieda Sheer Blonde Moisturising.
I could do with picking up a new purple shampoo but im totally out and these have been working amazing for my hair.

I also always have to use a oil or serum on my hair as it can get really dry and adding an oil really helps.
 The one im using at the minute is one by Indola which was in the goody bag from the LeedsBloggerMeetUp.
The Glamour precious oil has worked so well with my hair,its totally smooths it out and stops its looking dry.
I tend to put a few pumps on while my hair is still wet then i will add a few more pumps after ive finished styling my hair. It leaves my hair smelling really nice too.Jason has noticed since i started Indola oil as he keeps mentioning how nice my hair smells ( i started using them at the same time so im not sure which one he can smell or if its a combo of both? probably both).
( My macadamia oil ran out but i would also 100% recommend that too!)

Finally the Paul Mitchell Original leave in conditioner. This is a mini that came in a Glossybox a few month ago and ive used it every time Ive washed my hair since i got it. I noticed a huge difference in my hair from the first time i used this and i think its amazing! I run some through my hair before drying and it leaves it really soft and feeling thicker and so much more manageable.

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  1. Great post, I loooove using loads of different shampoos and conditioners alternately on my hair and I've used the Sheer Blonde collection before, love it. :)




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