18 September 2012

Changing nails....

Ive been wearing the same polish for months now ( Models Own Pink Punch ) and finally decided that its time for a change. Everyone seems to be going crazy for all things wintery ... myself included even though it does seem really early, i think its just that its nice to have a change.Its nice to be able to dig out your favourites wintery clothes and change the brights for darks. Im sure by the end of winter we will be begging for summer back as were getting in to winter things so early haha.

I currently sat writing this in the dark with my spiced apple and cinnamon candle burning at the side of me feeling very cosy and christmassy... and its not even the end of September!

Anyway..on to my changing nails ;) ... ive finally swapped out my bright pink punch for a gorgeous Burgundy shade which im really loving everything burgundy at the minute, i can definitely see my wardrobe filling up with this colour throughout the next few months!  It not a colour ive ever really gone for before but i love it!

Im not sure on the name of the China Glaze shade as it doesn't say on the bottom, it came in a Glossybox last year.Ive been adding little gold crosses to my thumb and ring finger Using the OPI gold crackle polish (also from a beauty box ).
Love these colours together!!


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