24 September 2012

27 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How far?
27 weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep has been perfect again this week :) enjoying getting a full nights sleep while i can!!

Movement is amazing, can feel everything now, can tell how shes laying and if i put my hand on i can feel her moving her little arms and legs!

Nope no cravings this week.

Just back ache and heart burn i think.
I think ive been getting braxton hicks this week too.

Looking forward too?
Midwife next week.
Its Jake's birthday on Wednesday and mine on Sunday so this should be a great week :) 

I put the cot up on Friday night while Jason was on nights because i couldn't wait till his days off haha. I want the room finished :) need to get some bedding and curtains then it will be near enough done :D.Set the car seat up too, we had a sliver cross one that we used for the boys so just going to use that one but im planning on getting an isofix for it this time so its easier to put in and out of the car quicker for when im taking the boys into school. I can leave the hood and footmoof attached on then because we the boys we just used the seat belt to fit it in the car and its so annoying and takes ages, the hood and footmoof have to be taken off too so the belt can go over.
 Oh the moses basket came this week too :). Its just plain white with the waffle effect, i was going to get a pink one but i loved this and the stand is really good to.With the boys the stand rocked the other way and after a few weeks when they got a bit bigger( and had a heavier head) it basket would tilt so i always had to have somthing under the top propping it up.I had am email monday saying it was back in stock on the 7th Oct but then on Tuesday morning i woke up to an email saying it was back so ordered straight away and it was free next day delivery :).
I am loving been pregnant so much, im excited for her to be here but i don't want it to end either haha . Its going so quick!

Also still struggleing with names, the main one i like so far is Emmy but im still not sure.I like Cassie, Chloe and paige too.
Pleaseeee leave me some ideas.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post:)
    *MUST NOT get broody*
    And beautiful names too. I love Emmy:)

  2. Chloe is really pretty! i love Lily too x

  3. Eeek exciting quite a few blogs I follow are having babies and it makes me broody already and i have a 4month old lol.
    We had lots of names for a girl Holly, Isabelle, Sophie but only had Thomas for a boy x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Really loving your blog, found it recommended by someone on Twitter and instantly became your latest follower :)



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