11 September 2012

25 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump...

How far?
25 weeks 1 day :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps been good this week, havent had a problem :)

Lots. She was having a huge wriggle this morning its got to the stage now where i can feel that shes moving about her hands and feet and not just a my belly jumping like its one 'kick'. Although i still haven't have ant feet under my ribs yet! pheww ;)

Not really, nothing that ive thought. 'I need that NOW'. I was wanting smoothies so bad last week but my smoothie maker has broken so  i haven't been able to have any :(.

Just a bit of back ache and heart burn.... the usual hahaa.

Looking forward to?
Getting more baby things :) Im  going to sit down and do a list of everything we still need to get... Christmas is coming so fast this year! Se many things still to get and there seems to be a million birthdays between now and Christmas so this a mega expensive time aghhh.

I seem to have been a lot more worried about if every things ok this last week, its not so bad now as she hasn't stopped wriggling but around the middle of last week i was so anxious about everything. Ive had a bad cough this week which was worring me as my chest sounded so bad but thankfully its not as bad now i just have an annoying cough left.
 I had so much i wanted to write about this week but typically now ive sat down to write ive forgotten haha.
Im totally out of clothes i feel comfortable in! I bought some tops i thought would last a few week ago but thy seem to be getting too small. I think im going to have to get and get a few pair of maternity leggings and plain vests then just wear shirts over. I really want to get a new pair of Ugg boots too as my old pair are ruined.
Im belly seems to have doubled in size this week!
oh thats another thing my belly button seems to popped in the last few days. Some of the time it has other times its just about too.Over the last two days its been popping out loads when i cough ( gross i know and feels so weird)!


  1. I am seriously so happy for you and love seeing your progress!!! :) She is definitely going to be a little stunner. xx

  2. How exciting a Christmas baby! xx

  3. I can't for the life of me imagine being pregnant! Being able to feel the baby moving must be so so weird! But congratulations on having a little girl! She's going to be a beauty addict just like you I bet! :)



    1. haha its the best part :) i love feeling her move really weird when you feel a foot or elbow xx

  4. Ah Laura, I'm so excited for you! A Christmas baby toooo :) Hope your cough gets better soon x

  5. Love reading these weekly updates, so much to look forward too! :)
    But can't imagine having a baby on christmas eve! My birthday is a week before christmas and that annoys me enough.lol


    1. ahh i know i feel so bad for her :( id hate to have a christmas birthday lol. Im hoping she comes late then atleast christmas is over with. Jasos birthday is on jan 3rd and christmas always seems ages ago by then so hopefully she might wait and share is birthday lol xx


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