2 August 2012

My hair... Ombre

I decided i needed a change with my hair, since i last time i did anything to it with was around 3-4 month ago when i put a darker dye on the blonde had started coming through and my roots are growing through so it was kind of turning into an ombre effect but it was just really dull so i wanted blonde back in it but thought this would be a good thing to try as i didn't want to bleach over my natural hair that's grown through now its getting healthy.

I picked up the Schwarzkoph Live colour XXL in ooA Absolute platinum from boots for £4! I really like the colour it turned out, id definitely use it again and my hair doesn't feel damaged by it at all. It actually feels better since ive used it.

 What i did...

1. To start with i teased the bottom of my hair .... probably not something you'd expect but its a great tip!! By teasing the bottom a few hairs that are pushed up don't get the bleach on them so when you wash it out and style your hair but bits that haven't been bleached blend the hair so it doesn't look as blocky!

2. I mixed the bleach and added some to the bottom of my hair trying not to be neat with it and left that for about 20-30 minutes.

3. After 20-30 minutes when my hair had lightened i added more product a bit higher again trying not to be too neat with it to avoid the blocky look.

4. After maybe 20 minutes of that been on i added a bit more above it and then run my hands under the tap and added a bit of water to the top layer to dilute it down so the top wouldn't get as blonde and would fade into my hair better.

5. Then after letting that take a little i washed it all off and shampooed/conditioned my hair.

Finally i used a toner straight after rinsing to avoid any unwanted yellow/brassy tones.The toner i used was the Colour restore in Iced platinum which is amazing.

Colour restore | Toner.

Before and After...



  1. aw your hair in the 1st pic looks soooooo beautiful, bet it looks awesome curly! x

  2. You did a great job, it looks lovely x


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