9 August 2012

Mum to be Organics | Rich tummy cream...

Ive been using this cream for a while now... since i started my pregnancy posts.As ive been loving it so much thought i would do a post just on this as ive shown it breifly in my update posts.  The cream is designed to help your skin retain its elasticity with a combination of vanilla, grapefruit oils, rose hip and jojoba oils.

I have been using this cream every morning as i usually use bio oil at night. The reason i picked this one to use on a morning is that it massages in really fast and is perfect for putting on before clothes as it doesn't feel sticky and doesn't show though my tops! Which is obviously something you don't want, to be putting on clean clothes and then having to change your top because cream has come through.

Another big thing when im getting a cream is the smell, as you know when pregnant your smell is really heightened so if a product doesn't have a nice scent its a big no-no. The smell of the tummy cream is really nice, give me any product with vanilla in and im happy! The scent is really nice and soft it isn't overpowering at all,  its the nicest smelling stretch mark cream ive tryed so far.

If you've read my pregnancy updates you will know i do have some stretch marks from previous pregnancy's so for me using the creams isn't about keeping them away completely but to help prevent them getting worse and hopefully help the ones i do have fade. So far the ones i have haven't got any worse so for me so far so good! I really wish id of used creams more frequently in my previous pregnancy's With my first i used one every so often and ended up getting a few at them very end then with my second i just gave up and hardly used anything at all with im so gutted about now.

You can pick the Mum to be organics tummy cream up for around £6.99.
All of the Mum to be products are a great price as well as the Little me organics range which im going to pick up for my little girl :)

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