9 August 2012

Make up videos make up want new brushes....

Every time i sit and watch make up videos on You tube it makes me want to get out all my make up and  create different looks but in all the videos the make up artists have millions of different brushes for everything and i always think id be able to do my makeup so much better and do more different styles if i had a better brush set, id absolutely love to have all the different types of brushes that the pros have!( and there make up collection of course ;) )
I always find myself looking at all the different brushes and doing a wish list in my head of the different brushes i want to get. At the minute my brush set is lacking in eye brushes so i this time instead of just doing a wish list in my head i thought id do one on to my blog so i can remember them.Although i would love there whole collection but it would cost way too much lol.

All these brushes are from the Japonesque line as i have there bronzer brush and love it so want to pick up a few more especially there HD range!

Pro Angled | eyeshadow

Pro Eyeshadow fluff | medium

Travel Eyeliner Brush | Angled
HD | dual sided 120
These HD brushes look amazing!

HD | 110

HD | 140

HD | 130

Travel | Point Brush

Ergo- Grip | Eyelash curler
( I need a new eyelash curler so bad mines broken :( )

Also this looks fab!Have you tried it?

What are your favourite make up brushes?


  1. I've been hearing a lot about these recently. Have you seen their safari print brushes? They look so nice, I really want them just for how they look!

    - Rhi xx

  2. yes there so cute!! i dont think id ever want to use them and get them dirty they look too pretty lol xx

  3. Nice selection of brushes, definitely necessary to create beautiful makeup looks!
    My favorites are from ELF!


  4. My favourites are the Nude by Nature brushes! They feel so soft and are the best ones I've ever tried! These look good too though (:



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