15 August 2012

Japonesque | Brow compact

Brow Kit | £21.00

Today i wanted to post about the Japonesque Brow Kit as ive had this for quite a while now and had a good chance to use it. To start off with how cute is the compact?! i love the packaging and the compact itself is well... very compact. To say it holds all you need for perfect brows the case it tiny.This is a great little kit,  perfect for travelling or keeping in your handbag for touch ups or if you are just starting out and wanting to get a good quality kit that has everything you need.

The kit includes
Stencils | Tweezers | Brow gel | Two brow powders | Brow wax | Dry mascara wand | Angled brush | Mirror!

Both powders are highly pigmented and have a butter soft texture to them. Out of the two powders i usually go for the lighter one although sometimes i will mix a little of the darker powder in with it if i feel i need to. They stay in place all day without smudging.

If your worried these will be worse quality because there in a compact ,don't be. They don't feel like the cheap tweezers you would normally find in compacts they are strong and just as good as there tweezers that are sold separately. I have no problem plucking my brows with these.

Gel & Wax
I use both of these every time i do my brows.Not at the same time but il always use one or the other depending on how im feeling that day. Both keep my brows in place perfectly. The wax isn't heavy either i have used wax's before that have felt quites heavy and uncomfortable but this one is light.

This is the only thing in the kit that i don't use. Not because there not good but because i just don't think it looks right on me when i use stencils, i find it looks too obvious on me that i have stencilled them on as my brows are really thin. The stencils feel great quality and are thicker than others ive tried so easier to work with.

These are so soft! I tend to use my bigger brushes when im at home as there easier to hold but i have no problem using these little brushes if im in a rush or if i took the compact out with me.

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