19 August 2012


Others that should be on this but the pictures seem to have disappeared are bio oil and Models Own pink punch!!
I don't do favourites too often as i find ones i have a set of favourites i stick to using them all the time and theres just one or two things that will change. So if i was to do them every month they would be the same products all the time. These are products i use everyday and my go to things at the minute.

*Mac Soft and Gentle | This has been a favourite for so long, i wear this everyday!

*Mac MSF | Another long time favourite. I put this on after my foundation to help it set and give a more flawless finish.

*Elf under eye concealer & highlighter | Since getting this in there last 50% off sale ive been using the concealer side everyday. I love the finish and that its not thick, it leaves more of  dewy finish.

*Inika Organic eye liner | My mac fluid line has started to dry up so i started using this on instead and im really loving it. Its really soft and blends really well.

*Elf All over cover stick in toasted | This looks so pretty on , i love it!

*YonKa moisturiser | This stuff is amazing, i think it came in a Jolie box. Ill definitely be getting more of this as ive nearly run out.

*Colour Restore,Iced Platinum | Ive done a post on this here, Its taken all the brassy tones out of my hair.

*Organic care systems | Ive done a post on this recently too, here Its a great shampoo/ conditioner it makes my hair feel so clean and manageable!

*Bio oil | This stuff has been amazing since finding out im expecting. I use it on my belly every night, I just wish a bottle lasted longer!

*Models Own, Pink punch | My favourite nail polish ever!! ive had this on all summer. Every time i take it off to wear something else i always want it back on.Although now im just going to make the most of been able to wear a bright colour while the suns still out.

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