23 August 2012

Favourite Summer Nails....

Models Own Pink Punch
This has been my absolute favourite nail polish this year, i love how bright and summery it is.... even if the weather isn't great it still brightens my mood :) . I cant seem to take to off i just keep re applying this one every time i do my nails. Im even on to my back up pot!

Im really hoping Models Own do there 50% off same again this year so i can get another one. I don't know why but when i know a company does offers like 50% off i cant bring myself to pay full price so im very glad i got two of these in the last sale to last me.Same with elf... they always have offers on!

Ive been wanting to try the Models Own Beach party from there Hed Kandi range too so that's top of my list for my next order ;) .

Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover
First of all the name is a bit of a lie... it takes about 4-5 seconds.Although this is a great product! it does take polish of super fast as without making a mess and saves on having to get cotton pads out too.Ive had this for a few month now and it still works really good but i have too stand it upside down for a while before i use it so the remover is covering the top of the sponge inside. I would purchase again because its alot quicker to use when im just wanting to do my hands quickly. You do still have to buy the usual polish and cotton pads to do your toes thought because this just wouldn't work for that.


  1. I love the bourjois nail polish remover -- great product.

  2. Totally loving that nail colour, so bright and bold - great summer colour!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  3. I need to get my hands on the nail polish remover, i keep putting it off! Great post(:



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