17 August 2012

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler ...

Totem Styler | £74.99

Enrapture have become really well known for there amazing stylers and i have been wanting to try them out for a while as they've had such amazing reviews. Enrapture have three different stylers, The Extremity Heated rollers (which ive really been wanting to try out) , Amplify Jumbo waver (perfect summer waves) and there Encode Totem Styler.

The Totem styler is a conical wand with some unique features. The wand has three different sections that can be heated to different temperatures ranging between 140° - 210°  each createing different style curls. Number one reaches the lowest heat of 140°  which gives lovely loose curls, perfect for the top of the hair. Setting 2 reaches 170°  giving a slightly tighter curl and number 3 reaching 210°  gives a tight ringlet style curl.

I tend to stick to a lower heat at the top of my hair going down to a higher heat at the bottom, my favourite been 1-2-3 and 2-2-3.  Ive always had trouble with my hair holding curls which hasn't been a problem with this styler i was actually really shocked that my hair was still perfectly curled the day after using it. Normally if i used me GHD straighteners to curl my hair its dropped out within the hour... or if ive used other wands.

The barrel size is 25mm which is the perfect size i have used bigger and smaller barrels in the past but this gives a lovely size curl.The totem also has a handy stand which is perfect to use while you are sectioning off your hair and its still switched on. The swivel cord is a really good length too its alot longer than on other hair tools ive used.

The totem heats up really fast which i think has something to do with the plates been Titanium rather than ceramic so you don't have to wait long once they are switched on. Just be carefull not to burn your fingers ;).

The styler can be used on all hair types as well as extension's as long as they are 100% human hair and not synthetic.

Have you tried the totem styler?Whats your favourite number combo?


  1. Aha, i bought these and burnt my finger the first time i used it, so painful! They really are good though, i curled my hair the night before and the curls were pretty much perfect the next day.

    1. ahh i know what you mean i burnt my thumb :/ ouch xx

  2. your hair is sooooo lovely! is it natural? im thinking of going blonde too!

    1. Its all my hair but its coloured :) i did a post not long ago on how i do it xxx

  3. Oh my god this gives such gorgeous results!
    I have real trouble with large curlers as my hair is so fine but i'd love to try this!
    http://lovelaughlauren.blogspot.com x

  4. I love this product/tool :) It looks gorgeous on your hair :)



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