13 August 2012

Colour Restore | Iced Platinum

Colour Restore Iced Platinum | £11.99

If you've read through my blog before you will know i bleach my hair quite alot i go really blonde then decide i need a change... go brown for a few month and need to go back to blonde because i miss it so much and with doing that i always need to tone my hair to make sure it stays bright and a nice shade of blonde as when i first go back from brown it can have some brassy tones in so to get rid of them and keep them away i always use a toner! For the longest time i have been using Lee Stafford's bleach blonde shampoo/ conditioner ( which is amazing!) and when i need a bit extra i use his blonde hotshots.

 Although over the past two months ive been trying out a new toner by Scott Cornwall- Colour restore iced platinum. I wanted to get plenty of time to test it out and i knew i would be redoing my hair so i wanted to see how well it worked straight after bleachng.
If your wondering what a toner is or why its used here a simple explanation - 
When hair is bleached or heavily lightened natural pigment is stripped away and keratin exposed; hair can look brassy or yellow. Using a concentration of violet tone, Colour Restore Iced Platinum counteracts yellow to create cool, pure white blonde shades.

With the Colour restore when i used it straight after ombreing/ bleaching my hair i put it all over and left it on for around 15 minutes. (because ive used a lot of bleach on my hair before i know that my hair lightens with toner really quickly and if i leave it on too long my hair will turn purple). After i had rinsed the toner off and done my hair i had no yellow or brassy tones in my hair at all so i was super impressed as some times it can take a few washes to get it to the tome you want. Since then (and before i re-did my hair) ive just been using it after conditioning and leaving it on for a few minutes to keep any brassy/yellow tones away and i haven't had a problem with it. It doesn't make my hair dry and it lasts a long time too which is great for the price!

Would i buy again? Yes definitely, im going to have to go pick some up next week! There is also a product from the range called shine on which makes your hair look really shiny and healthy which i really want to try out so im hoping to pick some of that up too.


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  1. oooh I could definitely do with this, my hair goes so brassy! x


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