29 August 2012

Clynol Care & Colour Shampoo | Conditioner ...

Enrich Shampoo - £8.90 300ml
Restore Conditioner - £9.90 250 ml

I have recently started using the Clynol Care & Colour Shampoo and Conditioner since running out of my OCS products.

Everything about the Clynol range reminds me of been in a salon, the look, smell and results. So far i am absolutely loving this range and im now desperate to try there Reflex silver shampoo which neutralises yellow tones.After using these two products my hair feels so soft and smooth like ive literally just walked out of the salon!

Colour & care is packed full of colour friendly ingredients which help hair maintain long lasting colour.
The Enrich shampoo is a daily use shampoo,containing a stunning liquid jewel extract, helping to retain vibrant colour for up to 30 washes!! It also contains UV filters which protects the hair.
The Restore conditioner also includes the liquid jewel extract along with a blend of Apricot Kernel Oil and Keratin that strengthens and nourishes the hair while the UV filters guard against colour fade.

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  1. I love Clynol they have the most amazing hair care for styling! I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment. Kate x


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