30 August 2012


I have seen these ClaireaBella bags everywhere for so long now and always thought they were so cute. If you go onto the ToxicFox website you can create your own ClaireaBella bag from the colour hair and eyes to the style of hair and clothes so you'll have your own Claireabella and she'll looks just like you but just more of a cartoon and over the top version!

I had a play around designing my own the other night, its really fun getting to choose all the different options and getting her how you like. Firstly i went for long blonde hair as im mainly blonde at the minute with blue eyes.Then for the outfits, i found a pregnant one which immediately caught my eye for obvious reasons! ;) . For the second and third option i went for a casual outfit as that's more my style but just with different hair styles.Then for the finally option i went for the classic glammed up dress which i love.

ive seen them on the arm on of The Only way is Essex cast like and Sam and Maria also seen the Gordie shore girls carrying them too, i love them shows. You can see them using them as beach bags too which i thought was a really good idea.
i love the idea of getting a pregnant one as its so fitting right now but the casual outfit one i would be able to use for longer and would make a fab bag for carrying the baby's things around in when shes born like her nappies bibs and wipes. i think it would come in handy has a more stylish baby bag. ....Aghh how amazing would it be to have one with me and a mini me to keep all her things in :)

all imagery remains the property of ClaireaBella Designs Limited

After having the idea of getting a bag as a more stylish way to carry around my little girls things i decided to have a play around and design my own 'ClaireaBella'

Entry to Claireabella compertion from LeedsBloggerMeetUp


  1. This is such a cute idea, I love personalised items and your drawn version is AMAZING!! xxx
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  2. I really want my own claireabella!!
    Love the pic!! :)


  3. I love the claireabella bags this would be so good for you and your little one too. I need to get myself one xx


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