25 August 2012

Benefit speed faking event...

On Thursday night i went through to the Leeds Benefit store in Debenhams with Jessica and Danielle who we met there for the speed faking event. Its not often fun things like this happen up here so we thought we would take the chance to go. It was a great night, we got to test out some products and see treatments been done.

There were three stations - brows , complexion and skin care.

I loved the brow section , im not completely happy with my brows although they are better than they used to be, so im always interested in hearing more about them and how to make them look better. Kirsty who was taking us through this section was lovely and showed us how she does the treatments from marking out the right shape to waxing and tinting. im definitely going back to have my brows waxed and tinted with Jessica soon! Danielle had hers waxed while we were there and they looked great!

I also fell in love with the Hello flawless foundation and powder which i am in total need of now! We were matched up and had it applied while we were in the complexion section and i really liked the finish of it.

The last picture is from after the event when id had my brows shaped and im wearing the Hello flawless foundation/ powder in champagne.

Huge thank you to the girls at the Leeds store for putting on a great night!


  1. Would of loved to hav gone to this event but only heard about it 2 days before and was too short notice to get the afternoon off work.. :(
    Looks like a great evening. :)
    I too have an off on relationship with my brows, very much my own fault for over plucking, so am always interested in products to help achieve a good brow. I already use their clear setting brush and love it!
    And also love hello flawless liquid foundation!

  2. How fun! I want to try that foundation too!


  3. it looks so fun, wish I went xx

  4. This looks like it was brilliant fun, I would've loved to have gone but I had to work! :( x

  5. This looks incredible, I'm so jealous! xxx

  6. Sounds like a fab event, that eyeshadow is a really gorgeous shade!

  7. it soulds amazing i would love to go to one of these

  8. Looks like a fun night and I would have loved to go to something like this as I'm always on the lookout for eyebrow products :)

    Tanesha x

  9. the eyeshadow looks lovely! & how cute are all the sweeties! x


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