28 August 2012

23 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump Pics ...

I cant belive how fast these post come round, it feels like this pregnancy is going so fast!....Its soon going to be christmas!

How Far?
23 Weeks 1 day

Due date?
24th December! Christmas eve!!


Strech marks?
I think they could pssible be getting a little worse this week although i cant really tell. Im still using bio oil, Mum to be organics and palmers.
Ive been getting tired really easily this week, i tidy up and im completely worn out!
Sleep on a night hasnt been too bad, once im propped up with all my pilliows and Dream genii im good.

Lots and stronger. I was layed on my side the other morning and she was kicking so i put my hand between my bump and the bed and felt a little foot or fist kick me.. so cute the like bone felt tiny. I remember doing that and feeling the boys move.

Best moment this week?
Jason been at home! The clothes i ordered last week also arrived :). I brought everything weve bought  so far over to put in her room so i know whats left to buy too. ( It was at my mums before until we had the bedroom emptied ).

Ermm not sure ive been craving anything... ive been wanting a ice cream from the ice cream van but thats because i had one a few days ago and it was so nice ;)

Heart burn! i have it right now aggghh
A few times this week my belly had felt so bloated i feel like i cant breath! I think it could be when i eat a bigger meal. From the bottom of my belly up to the top of my chest i feel like im been squashed its so awful and takes ages to go away!
Ive had more back ache this week too.

Looking forward to?
A family day out before Jake goes back to school and Jason goes back to work!


  1. Awww, congrats to you :) I am about to go through IVF so hopefully I can put some of these pics on my blog soon too x


    1. ohh Good luck!! looking forward to seeing your post! :) xx

  2. How exciting! I love the fact she's due on Christmas Eve, she might even be a day late :)

  3. Congratulations! I remember being pregnant with my daughter (she'll be 9 next week, eek) and it was a wonderful time. Love the little vests you've bought :D
    Louise x


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