22 August 2012

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Bump Pics ...

How Far?
 22 Weeks 2 day

Stretch Marks?
Stil using bio oil and mum to be organics. Praying that the ones i have from before dont stretch more.

 Crappy , i havent been able to sleep till late which means i have been super tired the last few days. I get so paranoid when i sleep incase ive slept funny and rolled onto my belly or something.

Best Moment this week?
Ordering lots of pink baby clothes :) so exciteing! and of course getting to meet up with everyone at the meet up on saturday!

 I can feel her wriggling all over now like shes totally twisting round and moving from one side to another... very strange but i love it :).


Due date?
24th December- Christms eve!!!
 Chocolate and fizzy pop! I never drink fizzy pop i hate the way it makes me feel but i seem to want a little drink of it all the time. Normally Lucazade!

Looking forward to?
The clothes i ordered arriving .. they should of been here today but so far they havent turned up :( and going to the seaside for the day :)

 I think mainly this week its been backache, its not too bad but if i stand or sit for too long its starts to ache although im sure it will get worse as the weeks go on. I cant remember ever getting a bad back with the boys. More heart burn too and tiredness!


Still in love with my Dreamgenii pillow! couldnt be without it on a night now, if your expecting id deffiniley reccommend getting one. Also if you can think of any girls names id love to hear them! I have a name i really ike at the minute but im not 100% set so still on the look out!

Also if you are expecting your first baby between now and November and would be intrested in taking part in a TV series on sky called 'Becoming mum and dad' please either leave me a comment or email me ( lora_505@hotmail.com) .


  1. Ohh theres loads of names I love I especially love Isla.

  2. Congratulations. How about Issa Thalia?

  3. Hey Lovely
    It's India from last nights #BBloggers chat. I love your blog and have just followed you :) - Hope you will check out my blog <3

    Congratulations :) you look fab!

    India www.thejewelbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

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    Twitter - "JewelBeautyBlog"

  4. congrats!!!! my mum was addicted to lucozade when she was pregz with me! lol x



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