14 August 2012

21 week Pregnancy Update | bump Pics |

How far? 21 weeks 1 day :)

Stretch marks? i haven't had any new ones but my belly is growing so fast now it wouldn't surprise me if the ones i have started to stretch more. Im just covering myself in bio oil and the mum to be organics!                                                                                     

Sleep? More uncomfortable this week. I got a Dream Genii Pillow that has helped aswel as using four other pillows!

Best moment this week? Painting her room! Im so excited to get it finished :).Also her kicking Jason last night, it was quite late and id fallen asleep while we were watching tv in bed and woke up as Jason was still up watching. Baby decided to wake up and have a wiggle to so when Jason put his hand on my belly she kicked him so hard! It was so funny because it scares him anyway when he feels tiny movement but this was so strong he nearly jumped to the other side of the room haha
Movement? Yes, its getting more like proper kicks now, i can feel where shes laying when she sticks her bum out and when shes wiggling around changing position

Gender? GIRL

Cravings? Ive been wanting chocolate this week.

Looking forward to? Seeing my friend on Friday shes only got 5 week left until she has her little girl :) Also Seeing everyone at the Leeds blogger meet up on Saturday!! i haven't seen everyone for ages!

Symptoms? Heart burn  :( hate heartburn! but hopefully means shes going to have lots of hair ;). My arms have been aching so bad this week too, (only on a night) i think its from having to sleep just on my side so after a while its getting uncomfortable.I started getting it in the top of my arm then the next night it was down to my hands kind of felt like when i used to get growing pains in my legs.

I can not believe how big my belly's getting in such a little time! a few weeks ago depending on what i wore you could tell i was pregnant at all but theres definitely no hiding it now!! Im scared to think how big im going to be by the end!!

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