6 August 2012

20 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump pics | WERE HALF WAY!

How far? 20 weeks today!!! - just think in 20 weks we will all be super excited because santa will be on his way ;)

Stretch Marks? Same as last week - no new ones from this pregnancy.Ive been using the same few creams and oils.

-Bio oil
- Palmers
Coco butter formula for stretch marks.
- Mum to be organics
rich tummy cream

Sleep? Sleep has been fine this week- lots of weird dreams though, that i can remember ever detail of when i wake up!

Best moment this week?Starting to sort out her room :) i made two pictures to go in there nd put all the girly teddys and books in her room and set two sets of draws up ready for her clothes to go in ( there only small ). OHHH and Jason felt her move for the first time this week ... ive been ble to feel movment on the outsode for a good few weeks but it freacks him out so he never dare feel it lol but we were layed watching a film and she caught him haha :)

Movement? Yep lots, there more 'kicks' now deffinitly getting stronger alothough i know there going to be getting much stronger as she grows :).

Food craving? Chocolate!
Happy or moody? Happy!

Looking forward to? Buying her first pink outfit this week hopefully!And sorted the room out more im planning on painting the room and possible putting some flower stickers up then moving the cot and all her things in :)

Anything make you sick?Nope not that i can think of anyway.

Symptoms? I havent really had and symptoms that i can think of this week really. Its been a good week :)


  1. Hey! I forgot we were at the nearly the same point of pregnancy! Baby brain! Your bump is looking gorgeous! I have been having lots of weird dreams too, all about babies! x

  2. Your bump looks adorable, Im pretty sure she is going to be beautiful!


  3. such a cute little bump! so exciting for you x


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