1 August 2012

19 week pregnancy update | Bump pics ....

How far along? 19 weeks 1 day .

Stretch Marks? Same as last week - no new ones from this pregnancy.Ive been using the same few creams and oils.
-Bio oil
- Palmers
Coco butter formula for stretch marks.
- Mum to be organics
rich tummy cream

Sleep? Sleeps been good this, bump isnt really bothering me on a night yet i cant sleep on my belly which i normally do but im sleeping through. I have found myself waking up on my belly last few week and then been really worried but she moves so much i didnt have to worry for too long.

Best moment this week? Finding out were having a GIRL!!! I'm so excited i never thought id have a girl after having the boys as i didn't thing we would have anymore and always thought if we did it would be a boy too just because i was so used to them saying ...'its a boy'...

Movement? Lots! It feels like she never stops moving. We found out today that the placenta is at the back so that's obviously why i can feel so much more than with the boys as theres was at the front so it cousins the movement.
Food Cravings? Bananas on toast for a few days but then the toast started making me feel sick again.Sausage sandwiches ive been loving this week too and fruit melon , grapes and apples.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happyyyy :)

Looking forward to ?Buying PINK! Dresses and little hair bows and tights :) i cant wait!
Anything make you sick? Nothing really this week, apart from the usual melted butter on toast.
Symptoms?Not really had many symptoms this week, ive been getting tired more often and if im standing too long my back starts to hurt.

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