7 July 2012

Your blog on my Blog?...

Ive wanted to start doing something like this again for a while but not been sure how to go about it. I used to do blog interviews where you could answer a few questions about your blog and do a post but i wanted to do something a bit different this time. Something that was easier to set up but still shows off all your your fab blogs!! Theres so many blogs out there alot don't get seen so i thought doing something like this would be fun and a great way for us all to find new blogs.

I haven't decided yet if i should pick one blog every week or do three blogs in the one post?  What do you think ? I will add a picture and a link to your blog including a little description of your blog, like the one ive done on this post.For this post ive used Jessica's blog to show how im going to set it out :) - im sure she wont mind!

If you would like to be featured in these posts just drop me an email with a picture and your blog link...and twitter if you have an account :) - lora_505@hotmail.com .


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