6 July 2012

Massage everytime you wash your hair?...

Sounds good doesn't it ;)...

As soon as i saw this i needed to give it a try and there only £4! There's nothing better than a good head massage so i was really looking forward to giving this a try and had high hopes it would be amazing. Ive used it a few times now had have worked out the best way its works for me as i have quite long hair. On the instructions its said its great to massage in shampoo and i tryed this to start with but i found that because my hair is long the ends would knot even if i tryed to comb it though to the ends, it didn't glide though how i would like and i didn't want to risk pulling out strands of hair. So i tried a few different things and worked out it works perfect when i have conditioner on the ends of my hair to help it glide though and have my head under the running water while i use it = AMAZING massage Whoohoo!  

I think if you have shorter hair it would work good while massaging in shampoo and it would be great to have a really good massage on men's short hair, although im not sure how great it would be if you only have a bath as i think your hair definitely needs to be under the running water so it can run through smoothly.

The brush has plastic pins which stimulates blood flow the the hair follicles in the scalp.This helps Strengthen the hairs roots and encourages healthy growth!

The Bebop massage brush is avalible from Superdrug, Boots and John Lewis.

Its definitely worth the £4, I could stay there all day using it!

Have you tryed the Bebop shower brush yet?



  1. Looks like a great purchase that I think I will have to try! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. this sounds amazing, i need this in my life! x


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