5 July 2012

L'Occitane - Eau Universelle....

This has been the scent i have been wearing everyday for the last few months, i have fallen in love with it....
Ive been wearing this scent everyday for the last few months and keeping it in my bag when i go out in case i need a top up although it is very long lasting, I sprayed it on this morning while getting ready and its been over 6 hours and is still there smelling fresh. When the scent is first sprayed i think it  is quite strong and seems very citrusy although after its been sat on the skin a while and settled it smells so nice and summery, once the extra strong zesty tones have calmed down the i find it a perfect summer fragrance.So if your thinking about buying one and go to have a test i would let it sit on the skin for a while when your doing your shopping etc before deciding if you like it!
I find it so hard describing scents... im  sat smelling my wrist trying to work out how to describe it ... but i just love it .Ive had alot of complements while wearing this, i gave my mum a hug yesterday and she smelt it and thought it was really nice.
The scent is designed to appeal to both men and women with its classic citrus notes are followed by light florals and muskier, woody base notes.The perfume or cologne is one of three in the new range from Provence. There's also a floral scent - for women and an aromatic scent -for men.
The Eau Universelle comes in a 300ml bottle (£37) Handbag size 50ml  spray ( £21) and also shower gel (£13) form the L'Occitane site.

Have you tried any of the range?
 I really want to try the Floral one next!..


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