6 July 2012

I just want to blog!....

You know when you go through phases of wanting to sit and write posts constantly and have so many ideas they all get messed up and you don't know where to start?!.... I'm feeling like that right now! Ive been a bit quiet on here for the last few months as ive just been so tired constantly and not had the energy to sort things out for the post ive been wanting to do.... i have a good excuse though ...promise ;)

Although over the last two days i seem to have my energy back and now all i want to do is post but the weather is so bad i haven't been able to get all pictures i wanted to get.Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better, i have a great giveaway coming up in the next few days to win $65 worth of belly bars- theres 5 in total so if you'd like a chance to win some new goodies for your self keep an eye out :) ... My giveaway for the shamballa bracelet is also still running but only has a few days left.

The picture at the top of the post was going to be of me and my sister Jessica years ago that i  found on her laptop although she wont let me post it :(. So you get a picture of one of my fave nail polishes - Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday.I havent worn it for a while so think il go do my nails with it :)- got to love a bit of glitter even if it is a pain to remove!

Jason also got a promotion today! YAY he got a phone call this morning offering him the job which was really exciting. He has to wait a few extra week to have his 18 off this time so instead of only having to sets of shifts left he has 5 boooo, but its all worth it :)

I'm really looking forward to the blogger meet up in Leeds that Ray and Tor are organising again that last one in November was lots of fun and i love getting to see everyone, its going to be the first time Jessica meets up with everyone so its going to be fun having her come with me. Will you be going? Ray and Tor have info in there new posts about it and if you pop over and leave your email they will keep you up to date on everything thats happening :).


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