29 July 2012

Haul...First maternity tops...

I went shopping this week and got a few new bits as im starting to get a bump i wanted some comfy clothes and ive been wanting to get a few maternity tops as they fit much better and don't rise up over the bump when its getting bigger. Luckily there was a sale on in the maternity section in New look so i got a few things from there.Then a few bits from primark and a really comfy jumper from republic :)
Next on my to get list.... Converse, ive been wanting some for so long but couldn't decide a colour but i really want the red ones and white ones as they will go with anything so im planning on getting them next month :)

Im probably going to do a few ootd post to show the tops as i couldnt get a go picture to show them so hey should be up soon...

Blue top| New Look | Maternity | £5.
White top | New Look | Maternity | £6.
Pink/Yellow top| New Look | Maternity | £6.
Orange top | Primark | £2!!
Grey Jumper | Republic | £20.
Shoes | Primark | £3 each.


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