24 July 2012

18 week Pregnancey update | bump pics ...

How far along? 18 weeks 1 day. :)

Stretch Marks? Same as last week - no new ones from this pregnancy. /ive been using a few different creams and oils.
- Bio oil
- Palmers | Coco butter formula for stretch marks.
- Mum to be organics | rich tummy cream

Sleep? Not great, ive been sleeping through the night but i just don't feel rested on a morning like ive been alseep 10 minutes and im not waking up really tired either so i just feel crappy like i want a really good sleep. Hopefully that will change this week.

Best moment this week? hearing the heart beat for the first time.the baby kept moving so she would find it with the Doppler then a second later the baby would move again so she would have to try find it again. Doesn't surprise me thought because this baby moves so much now.

Movement? Lots! If i lay on my back propped up with pillows i can feel the baby move forward and my belly will stick out where he/she is layed then il feel lots of movement and this happens when ever i sit like this no matter what time of day it is.I feel movements other times to but if i sit  like this im 95% sure il feel movement everytime.

Food Cravings? Not really anything this week im still eating the same this as i have been, my appetite still isn't great so im sticking to what i can manage.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy, happy, happy :)

Looking forward to ? The scan! One week today!!! eeekkkk. Were going to the seaside tomorrow so im looking forward to that to as the boys are so excited they love the beach!

Anything make you sick?Toast! ugh its the melted butter that i just cant stomach which is weird because toast with lots of butter is what i used to live on.

Ive had alot of heart burn this week, i can remember getting it with the boys but not this early, but that's about it really this week.

*Pictures quite close up this week so it makes it look bigger :/


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  1. Hearing the heart beat for the first time must be the most amazing feeling in the world!



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