13 July 2012

16 Week Pregnancy update! | Bump Pics |

I thought i would pop this up today as im already nearly 17 weeks and didn't want to miss another week so after this one i will probably start doing these on a Monday when i change weeks.

How far along? 16 weeks 4 days!

Stretch Marks? I don't have any new ones although i do have them from when i had the boys so im covering myself in creams and oils on a morning and night so hopefully they wont get worse this time.

Sleep? Good this week , if i wake up around 4 - 5 it take me ages to get back to sleep though.

Best moment this week? The scan!!! seeing our baby moving and knowing that everything is OK was amazing ....16 week is a long time to wait not knowing anything! We hadn't even heard the heart beat before Wednesday- well we didn't hear it then but we saw it :). When i had the boys they would listen in with the Doppler at 10-12 weeks at the mid-wife appointment but apparently they don't do it now until 16weeks! My 16 week appointment with the midwife isn't until im 18weeks though so i wont actually hear it for a while!

Movement?? Yes! Ive felt flutters for a few weeks but there definitely getting stronger and more often. At the beginning of this week i started feeling movement on a morning for the first time, before then it was just on a night. Now its all through the day but although they are getting stronger its not big kicks just a few little taps here and there :) .

Food cravings -the last few week-  Lucozade :/ although i try not to drink much of it, but i could drink it constantly if i let myself! Ham salad sandwiches!

Anything make you sick? Toast! Since i fell pregnant with Jake toast has been the food i would always eat and now i cant at all! It weird because with the boys toast was the one thing i could always eat to stop feeling sick now it makes me worse!

Gender- I still think they will say boy at the next scan!

Labour signs? - no!

- Sickness but that isn't as often now!
- no appetite haven't had one all the way through theres a few things that i cant manage to eat but most things im just not interested in.
- Tiredness although that is getting alot better too, i thought i was getting my energy back last week as i felt good all day but im starting to feel tired again by the afternoons now- tired like i need to nap not just normal tired but obvs i don't get to nap through the day so im always ready for bed as soon as the boys go to sleep!
- I had head aches so bad for the last month but thankfully i haven't had one so far this week so im hoping they've gone!
-Ive started getting heart burn every so often but nothing bad.
- One that ive never had before is  rhinitis - basically a blocked nose which i didn't think was a pregnancy symptom but apparently it is and it actually had a name :/. Its worse as soon as i wake up on a morning if a get up to go to the toilet then get back in bed.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!! this week has been a great week!

Looking forward to? my next scan to find out if its a boy or girl! and feeling bigger movements :).

Im not sure if there is anything else i could add to this post?
Laura ...


  1. So cute to see your bump. Really insightful to read your symptoms and how you feel. Having never been pregnant I always wonder how it will feel. Makes me really excited for when its me one day! Your bump was visible quite early on too xxx

  2. awww that was sooo cutteeee
    heyy gorgeous, i love your blog ^^
    lets follow each others blog! i hope we can be friends, nice to know you


  3. I am so excited for you!! :) xx


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