1 May 2012

Batiste..... Cool and Crisp

Its time for Batiste to Bring out a new scent of there dry shampoo and this time they've gone with cool and crisp blue theme to go along with this years water shortage... which is actually quite a good marketing theme and perfect for Batiste using dry shampoo helps cut down on how often you need to wash your hair ....which saves water ;).

I love the smell of this one you know when you smell a scent you haven't smelt for years and as soon as it hits your nose it take you back to a memory? this is what is does to me its reminds me of a body spray i used to wear all the time and it take me back to a holiday in Ireland when i went to stay with my friend family at her donkey sanctuary in Sligo.ahhh i love it i cant remember the name of it but it was in a green can and im sure it began with I? any have any idea?

Ive been using Batiste a lot recently and can see me going through this quite quickly so I'm going to need to stock up as i love this one!

You can get Batiste from Boots and Superdrugs aswell as other stores for around £ 2.99/200ml.



  1. I want to try Batiste dry shampoos, it's a pity they aren't available where I live

    Quemando Fantasias

  2. Could be impulse you are thinking of? That's the only body spray beginning with i that I know


  3. think I might have to try this one out! xx

  4. I love their dry shampoos! Use them all the time! and love their differnt ones! :)


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