3 April 2012

Tan Gloss- Self tan..

3 in 1 Gel
Self tan, instant bronzer , luminous superfine shimmer.

Firstly i love the smell of this fake tan... yes i did just say that! It smells really nice and reminds me of holidays although i cant quite put my finger on what it is it reminds me of its like its about to pop into my head then goes again...so annoying  but it doesn't have the usual dreaded smell biscuits or however you want to describe it its more of a vanilla.The tanner itself is a gel which goes on really smoothly and makes the skin feel soft. The gel feels quite thin too so it spreads around nicely and evenly.When you apply the tanner you get and instant tan with added superfine shimmer- which would usually put me off buying a product but its not big chunks of glitter they are as it says...super fine and you don't really notice them it just gives a nice shimmer as the light hits and makes you look more glowing and tanned while the tan develops... now if you don't like the shimmer but love this tanner you can just put it on at nice and shower in the morning and when you shower the shimmer washes of but the tan stays!
I love that with this i wont have to bed covered in tan i can just wait until the morning and it can develop through the day and look natural with out an awful smell, or for the days when you've forgotten to tan this is great.

My First experience- 
I first applied this in the morning so i had to get dressed straight after and it dried really quickly and didn't transfer onto my clothes, it did feel a little sticky as it dried but that could of been that i put to much on at once. Once dried i couldn't really notice the shimmer while inside until i got into the sun. I tryed this last week while it was really sunny and i notice while i was in the sun you could the see the shimmer but as i when i the more shaded areas with less direct sunlight you couldn't really see it. The tan you get from it i think is quite a natural looking colour it  isn't was dark as the tan i normal but i really like that it looked more natural for day to day use. Also as i said before i liked the smell when applying the product i notice i didn't really smell and scent from it once it had dried.

Would i repurchase?
Yes! I love that i can put it on quickly on a morning and not have to worry about forgetting to tan the night before. I love the colour of the tan and that theres an option to have shimmer. If i don't fancy any shimmer i can just shower before going out and keep the tan but lose the shimmer ;). 

You get 100ml of product in the tube for £15.
* This post will be updated with extra pictures of the tan shortly as i am currently having problems with my computer.*


  1. I don't think i would trust myself with this, sounds great though! x

  2. i'm too white to wear fake tan.. i go orange immediately, and that with every product.



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