19 April 2012

Shower emptys...

I don't think ive ever done a empties post before but i was cleaning my shower out today and swapping all my empties for new products and realised quite a lot had all been used up at the same time... typical!

Two of the Shampoos i have been using have gone which i suppose is a good thing now i don't have blonde hair anymore (booo) i wont be needing them although when ever i do have blonde hair these are the two things that i always have! - Lee Stafford Beach blondes and John Frieda . Both purple shampoos - a must for blondes!!

The Four seasons hair treatment which is amazing!! i really need to order some more of this!

Klorane shampoo i did a review on this a while ago i love it!

Then the last few things are all body washes well apart from the Davine's  which is a like a moisturiser for hair/body. I do use this on my hair quite a lot and it works great but i also use it for shaving!Perfect! This is the first tube i got i think from the Glossy box but it did also come in last months Jolie box!

 The Molton Brown body wash was OK i didn't think it was anything special so i wont be repurchasing although i did hear alot of people rave about it, maybe i just don't know enough about it but it didn't wow me.
 Same with the FAB gentle body wash it was good and moisturising but i wasn't amazed by it i wish id of got the moisturiser as ive heard it amazing!

I did however loveee this Yogi Flow body wash this is my favourite body wash ive used maybe even my favourite ever!! I really loved this!


1 comment:

  1. Haha! This was a great post!
    I used the same shampoos as you when i had blond hair! ooh how i miss it!



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