29 April 2012

Orly Neons....

Passion Fruit...

Hot Shot...

I cannot stress enough how much of a hard time i had taking pictures of these nail polishes!! Why are neon's soooo hard to get the right colour?

Saying that i still haven't got the perfect picture and i think these colours are so much better in person which is going to be the main thing about this post as i want to say how much nicer i think they are in real life to swatches online as its just so hard to get the true colour!! When i was searching for swatches of these i wasn't sure if was going to go for them as the look so much more red which im not really into but i am loving bright neon colours at the minute so i just went for it and im so glad i did!
I they remind me of China Glazes pool party and Flip flop fantasy in one been more pinky and the other with more orange tones, so if you have them you will kind of get more the idea of the colours.
On 99% of the pictures i took of these try look the exact same!!

The formula of the Orly polishes is amazing they go on so easily, i think they may actually be my new favourite.There abit thinner than other polishes so some shades needs more coats although the neon's you could get away with one coat! i always do two just because i think it looks better but if you are in a rush you could get away with one. With them been a thinner formula i find the last longer too my china glaze neons like pool party are getting a bit gloopy now which i don't think will happen as fast with these.

Passion fruit is not as red as it looks on online swatches its definitely more of a bright pink with orangey tones and Hotshot is a bright pink.

Passion fruit and Hotshot are  part of Orly permanent neon collection that you can find here for $8.50 which converts to about £5.25

Laura ...


  1. Oh em geeeee they are bright! Love the colours they look amazing x

  2. I need these for summer!!!!!!! Or just life generally x

  3. These colours look fab- I really want to try Hot Shot xxx

  4. I love that color, it's so pretty and cool blog :)


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