16 April 2012

Opps i did it again......

If you follow me on twitter(@lora_505) or instgram (lauraemma77) you will of already seen that i changed my hair colour.. again.

I was so undecided for days about whether i wanted to do it or not but i didn't want to really ruin my hair by keep putting bleach on it and as my hair was getting really light it needed do more often because the roots were more noticeable so i just went for it. I used L'oreal Iced Mocha, its only a semi permanent which says it lasts 28 washes although i cant see it totally washing out to how it was but i think il just either use the same on again in a few weeks or see if they have the same colour in permanent as i really liked the shade.Normally when i first do my hair dark it goes really dark...like black but with this one it hasn't and it kind of looks like i have highlights from the blonde underneath so that a plus :).
This picture isnt the best to show the hair but i wanted to get a post up on it so i took this from my instagram :).

The only thing i really want now is some extensions as the ones i have are still too dark and don't match at all :( 



  1. Your hair looks lush! The colour seriously suits you and the style is so nice. I reckon you should get the permanent hair dye as it looks so lovely xxx

    1. thanks Abigail :) i hope they do it in the permanent :) xx

  2. It's gorgeous! really suits you:) xx

  3. ooo that colour is beautiful!
    This is the colour i want mine!
    But its purple atm so that may be a task! LOL!

  4. I really like it! I actually did this to my hair about a year and a half ago to stop the bleach damage and the condition is loads better now


  5. I really like this colour on you, it really suits you x


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