24 April 2012

Keromask Travel brushes....

The natural hair bristles help glide the product onto the skin for a smooth application - covering imperfections without looking heavily made-up.

 If you havent heard or tryed the Keromask products they are an amazing brand that help people covering up those imperfections they want to hide. For people with scaring, birthmarks to tattoos they want to cover Keromask is perfect.The creams are long lasting and waterproof and the powders set them perfectly.I have done reviews on these a while ago and the results were amazing...you can see them here and here.

The Keromask Brushes are specifically designed for the most natural application of the Keromask cream and finishing powders. 

My thoughts on the brushes...
I have tested the brushes with both  the keromask products and products from other brands and they are amazing, the brushes they are so soft!! 
* Ive actually stopped using my new real techniques powder brush since i got these because i love how the large brush applies powder and the size is really good for getting in all the little places like the sides of the nose.
*The second biggest I wound either use for applying the cream to a bigger area or blusher/bronzer.
*The smaller round brush is perfect for concentrating the cream on a smaller area its also really dense, this could also be used as a crease brush to apply eye shadow.
* The two flat brushes are good for using as concealer brushes or possible to apply an eyeshadow...
* The angled which can be used to apply products to the browns or it would be good for liner and it is quite thin. 
*Then there is the final brush i would use to comb through my brows.
They feel like really good quality brushes which i think you can really see from the pictures.The hairs are really soft and make applying product easy and look great.The travel bag is really protective and compact, i think the little zip pocket is fab . 
There are seven brushes in the smaller travel set which is £15.99. They also do a set with bigger handles which has five brushes that is £19.99.

Laura ...


  1. i have this set, but haven't had a chance to use them yet! Great review x

  2. these brushes look lovely and so professional in that case, great review and great blog, now following :) xxx



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