30 April 2012

Glossybox - April...

It seems like forever since the last Glossybox was covering my dashboard but its finally arrived and its a good one! 
The theme this month is 'The Natural Box' as its earth month and Glossybox have decided to support this by doing biodegradable box full of products with natural packaging and products.

I'm so happy with the things in my box this month, i know i will get use out of all the products.I definitely think its one of the better boxes.I also think this has to my my favourite box so far i wish they did the beige colour every month.

BURT'S BEES- 24 Hour moisturization.
I was so excited to see this, ive never tryed anything from Burt's Bees.. not that i can remember anyway.The smell is a bit Strong at first but when its dried into the skin it smell really nice, definitely smoothing i would use. I'm really funny about the smell of products if i don't like the smell i cant use it at all. I think im going to go check out the rest of the Burt's Bees products and try a few other things from there line now.
This is 99% natural.- £9.99

I love this smell of this im so glad i got the cherry and vanilla scent!! This is a 100% organic balm for the lips,face and body. This is one of my favourites from the box this month. Its so hydrating and melts on your finger and feels like a liquid when you apply it. Also i cant belive the price- £3.29!!

Ive never had an organic eyeliner and i don't think ive ever come across one before either so i think this is a great addition to the box. Its super soft although i haven't tryed it on my eyes yet so im not sure how the staying power is going to be as ive seen a few post where they have said it doesn't last as long but im guessing that's down to it all been organic? - £11.75/per liner

This serum is extremely natural and plant based to ensure your skin never lacks moisture. Although this looks like a good sample size there isnt much product in the tube to try out which is a bit disappointing but so far it seems like a good enough serum. I'm not sure il get chance to get enough uses out of it to fall into with it though with there only been a small amount of product in there but will see-. £29.00/30ml
A rich, luxurious cream to relive dryness and smooth fine lines.This says its for dry, very dry or dehydrated skin so im really looking forward to using this, my skin gets super dry after ive washed it so i need something really hydrating to help and as ive recently run out of my favourite cream im really hoping this one works for me.It smells really good to. -£17.50/50ml

Overall i would say this was a great box and possibly there best one so far! 
Next month is there one year birthday!! How fast has that come around!?

Glossybox¦ £10pm+ p&p)



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