6 March 2012

This week...

*I feel like i haven't posted proper beauty posts for ages but the lighting is really bad when ever i try the pictures turn out bad. Hopefully that will change with the weather starting to get a bit better :).
*Ive been really getting into making thing this week, my next project is going to be a nail rack which i cant wait to finish!
*Jake got to dress up for world book day at school so he went as Buzz light year and loved it.We've got to go to the park a few times too with the weather been nice.
*Found out my friend is pregnant  a few days ago and she has the exact same due date as i had with Jake so that means four year ago today i was 12 week pregnant.
*Also im not sure how to do these post, not sure if i should keep them as Ive been doing then and put all the pictures into one or have them separate like this? which do you prefer?



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