30 March 2012

Real technique brushes. core collection, Blush brush, Powder brush....

Ive wanted these brushes since they first came out but since they just came on 3 for 2 in Boots i finally got them :)! I was a bit put of with the core set at first as i was only really bothered about one brush ( contour ) as i didn't think id really use the others and the buffing one looks really similar to my sigma f80 which i have two off, but out of all the real techniques collection the contour is the one i wanted the most so i ended up getting it and im really glad i did, the brushes are so soft! The other one i was really wanting was the blush brush which is just a bigger version of the contour. I cant wait to use them!!

Im thinking of getting a few more from the collection now, i really want the kabuki and possible the eye set!Theres a few more ive seen on the real techniques website that i would love but i dont think we can get them over here :(


Core Set

My two favourites!!

Do you have any of the others? What do you think of them?
Is the eye set worth getting??



  1. these look amazing, really want to try them out x

  2. I want the core collection so much! But can't really justify the price tag considering i only want 2 of the brushes hahah! x x


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